How to Build Search Engine Ranking Power with a Google Plus Brand Page? Google is known primarily as a search engine, it’s probably not surprising that the first and most complete integration we’ve seen to date has been the inclusion of G+ in Google search. Now let’s get down to the practical. How can your business take advantage of the power of Google Plus to elevate your visibility in search, bringing you more customers, more leads, and more sales?

Listen to my G+ Small Success Story: I wrote a post with the title "Change the “Showing Posts with Label” Show all Posts". Next I posted on Google+. After one hour I check my Google ranking using the same post title on my Chrome browser and this is what I got:

Of About 2,30,000 results I ranked second in the search engine page result. Though it is not my original blog post permalink, it does drive traffic back to my blog.

I hope you've grab what I just shared. Now Create an SEO-optimized G+ Page for your brand/blog, and properly verify it with Google. The real power of Google+ is in the network, the people, the relationships. If you want to know more about using Google+ for social media marketing then this is really the aspect to grasp more than anything about ‘numbers’ - it is people that click through to your website, and it is the community that will give your Search results.

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