I believe that in the years ahead Facebook will become not only a place to connect with friends and family but a place to buy and purchase stuff. With more than 500 million active users on Facebook, there are more potential customers using Facebook than there are logging into eBay and Amazon combined.

I’ve seen quite a few store front applications pop up for Facebook and I have been wanting to try one for a while. One such application is called ECWID Payvment. This application allows you quickly and easily create a storefront on a facebook page.

Sell on multiple platforms An embeddable, centrally managed storefront that works on Facebook, mobile, blogs (like WordPress and Joomla), and basically any site you choose.

Thoughts: Why pay for store when you already have a store in your website? There are many free store application that add a store tab in your Facebook Page. They usually offer Free 10 products with an upgrade to unlimted premium account. My point here is that why pay or upgrade when you already have a store in your website. Why not use the 10 Free products as latest products from your website store and sell in your Facebook Page?

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