So what does it really take to make it big in the blog world and the Web world as well? Of course there isn't some instant mantra that you can follow to get blogging success, but by following these simple tips, you can make your mark in the wide web world.

Professional blogging usually means that you are becoming an authority on some specific topic area. This will mean that at times you will need to take the extra effort to do stuff which you may consider tedious, boring and not cool. Goal setting will help clarify and remove doubts about what the blog is supposed to do. Start with a plan and be ready to change it if things are not working out expected. This is the entrepreneurial mind set. Just like you never leave the table till the last person has finished eating, blogging too has, over the years, developed its own etiquette and mannerisms that one should keep in mind when speaking to the world. Here is the cornerstone of blog - the foundation of blog.

1. Blog your passion: Don't blog for readers or anything else when you start. Be prepared to Have no readers! Everyone can sing, but everyone is not a professional singers. Your topic is very important. What makes a potential blogger a failure? - One fine day, a blogger got inspired from a big shot blogger. The next day, he started a blog, thinking he will make it big too. But after sometime he learned that the only person who visits his blog was him. What happen next? Just another "blog pollution" in the blogophere.

Why blogger fail? There is a cause, and that is craving for readers and comments (when you know nothing about blogging), craving for fame, and probably craving for money. I am not telling these craving are wrong. But these craving is the cause of your blog failure: when you don't get what you expected.

Release these craving first. Then learn the art of professional blogging and continue to blog your passion. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." The secret of success lies in doing the thing one love most over and over again.

Things are usually slow when it comes to visitors and comments on blogs in the beginning. Remember that there are millions of blogs on the web all vying for readers' time, and though you're not just another blogger, you are just another blogger in the bigger picture. To build a loyal reader base you need to be persevering enough to go a long time with a very few set of visitors. But perseverance does pay and will pay in the long run. Be persistent and consistent and you will see the results soon enough.

2. You need discipline: Lack of discipline is one reason why you will never be successful. Most bloggers take the pain to set goals, write plans and establish priorities but they fail to succeed because they lack the discipline to either execute their plan or stay focused on their plan. I have seen individuals jumping from one money making scheme to another; I have also seen bloggers jumping from one monetization strategy to another, or from one niche to another in pursuit of the holy grail.[1]

3. Fall in love with your blog: Like the philosophy of a swordsman, you must think of your blog as a part of you. Love your blog as you love yourself. But don't die like Romeo (and Juliet). Having this relationship will help you garner the following challenges:

  • A willingness to work hard 
  • An entrepreneurial/businesslike approach 
  • Knowledge of/willingness to learn relevant web technologies 
  • A monetising strategy 
  • Consistently implementing the strategy

4. Be Inspired, don't plagiarized: One of the biggest turns offs to blog readers is plagiarized content or using somebody else's material and passing it off as your own. You have to have your own style when blogging. Developing your own style and voice in your writing will take time. There are no shortcuts. Now this style can be 'inspired' from the writing style of somebody else, but it cannot be a direct rip-off.

You just can't afford to be seen as a copy-cat. If you want to use somebody else's material be sure to cite the source and provide a link back to the site from where you got the information (As example given in #2). If you want to directly use the text of what is said on the other site enclose it in quotes "..." and preface it with something like " reports" or "according to" and so on.[2]

Unbelievable as it may sound, there are many people making a full time living and income from blogging. The road to financial independence through blogging however is not easy. The primary requirement is a change in mindset. You have to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an entrepreneur. To rely on your blog as your sole source of income will require to you to focus all your efforts in this direction.

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