Most of the time I get queries from new bloggers like who you want to have a WordPress blog and setting up properly is a challenge. Because of the technology barrier, many would never start their blogs. If you’re in this situation, then you’ll be happy to know about my new free WordPress installation service. This free WordPress Setup program is aimed towards setting up everything the way it should be.

To help you start your new site we are pleased to offer our expert WordPress installation and setup service for FREE thanks to our hosting partner Hostgator. No, it's not a trick. We offer 100% free WordPress installation for individuals and businesses. Get your personal blog or business website setup today - for FREE!

It’s really simple. I will install and set up a WordPress blog for you at no cost to you. Not only that, you will also get a premium theme free:

What all in this free Blog Setup service: Here are list of features you will be getting with this free WordPress Install Service:

  • Installing WordPress Essential Setup (Ping list, permalink, Essential WordPress settings) 
  • All Important plugins Installation and configuration 
  • Setting up all SEO WordPress plugins SEO friendly 
  • WordPress blog setup 
  • Sitemap submissions 
  • Feedburner Setup and Integration (Optional) 
  • Contact Page with contact form 
  • Google analytics Integration 
  • Cache mechanism Integration

Is it really free? What's the catch!
There is no catch! You don’t pay us anything. The only thing we require is that you to get web hosting from our partner Hostgator (from just $5.95/month = 2 cups of coffee). Hostgator pays us a commission and that’s how we are able to provide this free service. Besides you need hosting anyway so it's a win-win situation.

To get the free WordPress installation service, all you have to do is order a web hosting plan from HostGator. Then forward me the login information to puanthanhgangmei [at] and I’ll install WordPress for you. Afterwards, I’ll email you back the login information for your new WordPress blog and you can start blogging!
Click Here To Order Your New WordPress Blog.

I will also include instructions on how to change all your login passwords. I will not keep any of the forwarded information from HostGator. Once WordPress has been set up, I will destroy the email.

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