Floating social bar is a light-weight WordPress plugin that adds a horizontal floating share bar to your blog posts, pages, and other post types. The floating ability allows this eye-catching social media bar to get you maximum shares. Social media share buttons are a must have for every site, but they can significantly impact your site's speed. Floating social bar to maximize our social media visibility without impacting your site speed.

Slim and Fast:

Unlike other social media plugins, this plugin only support major social media networks to keep our plugin slim. You can add share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Floating Social Bar only loads scripts when necessary. None of the social media scripts are loaded when the page is loaded. Instead it show a replica image with all the counts. It use the socialite script to only load social buttons when the user brings their mouse over the button. Doing this allows to keep your site as fast as it would load without any social plugins.

Easy to Use:

Floating Social Share Bar is extremely easy to use. There is a simple options interface that allows you to drag-and-drop the social buttons that you want to display. You can also use the drag-drop interface to control the order of how social share buttons appear on your site.

All social plugins are very heavy and significantly slow down your site. This plugin is by far the fastest social media plugin for WordPress that exists.

What are you waiting for? Download Floating Social Bar

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